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The Adventures Of Emily Sad

 The Main Characters & Places In The Adventures of Emily Sad

Emily Sad: has lost her magic spells -and good spirits - all because of Alf!  Now seeking her dear lost love Alf who´s dissapeared!
The Balloon: flyes Emily across the world and beyound in her search for Alf!
The Deep Dark Sea: the darkest place from where all bad rises!
Randolph The King Octopus: an evil genius, hidden in The Deep Black Sea for centuries! A force of evil, who from beneath the surface wants ultimate power and control!
Mr. Strange Man: friend and protector of Emily Sad! He has strange powers! Used to live in peace in a church on his own on his own island, undtil he came under attack from The Deep Black Sea! He starts The Colour Revolution against Randolph!
The Colour Revolution: resistant fight against evil!
Dr. War: energetic jellyfish! He runs Evil Rule Radio FM! A dedicated supporter of the King Octopus!
The Evil Rule People: stupid robot-like people who only follows orders in The land Of Sorrow!
The Heavy Metal Butterflies: the friendly army of tutti-frutti multicolered killers!
The Universe: the center of power for The Colour Revolution! It is calling you!
Cosmic Rays: rescue from within the universe!
Land´s End: a quite mystical place, a little beyound the end of the world!
The Brain: is it all in the brain?
...and so let the music begin!