Morten Steingrim

Settember 1975 - August 2017

We have lost our friend. A fantastic creative muscian, singer, engineer and producer. A champion of the progressive. Morten had the map to imaginary places and made magic happen in front of our ears.
You leave a hole that can´t be filled, but we will try to fill some of it with the music you loved and what you taught us. Now you´re everywhere and with be with us forever. 
Our deepest condolences to your family and girlfriend.
We miss you so much
Rolf, Peter & Johnny
The Colourmen Records In Singapore!

The vinylrecord/ cd/ dvd Music Shops: "Roxy DIsc House" In Singapore NOW also SELLS The Colourmen records!

Find more details on the web. 

THE COLOURMEN (Rolf, Peter & Johnny) plans to record NEW "live studio tracks" this summer 18! Stayed tuned for more exciting infromation!

The Colourmen´s 17- song vinyl album "Beneath The Surface" is out! 

 Side A: 1. Opening 2. Technicolor Dream 3. Beneath The Surface  4. Mr. Strange  Man 5. Fly Across The Sea 6. Emily Sad 4 7. Flyabout 8. Deep Black Sea 9. Pre- Universe
Side B: 1. Dying 2. Colour Revolution 3. The Universe 4. Interlude 5. Alf´s Song 6. Land´s End 7. This Morning 8. Flyaway/ The Brain
                                      Availabel in all DK recordshops (see: "Sale") !
It is also  avaliable digaitally on iTunes, Amazon, etc.
Stay tuned for more information!